Monday, 25 April 2016

A letter to a healthier me

It's hard to emphasise how tough it is to live with a neurological condition or chronic illness. It's impossible to articulate the impact it can have on your emotions at times. As much as you try to live your life despite of the restrictions and obstacles, there will always be a part of you that longs for your old life. The life you enjoyed before being struck down. The life where you were completely free. Free to work as hard as you possibly could without pain. Free to be spontaneous. Free to live how you pleased. Free to be you. 

This is my letter to a healthier me 

Don't take a day for granted. 
Run free and be outside as much as possible! You have no idea how much you miss running when you can no longer run. 
Avoid having too many 'duvet days' as one day all you will want to do is get out of bed. 
Remember to always look after yourself. Your health is absolutely your priority at all times. 
Say yes to every adventure and no to work overtime. You will never be lying in your hospital bed thinking 'I'm really glad I had all those designer shoes' but I promise you, those memories you made will fill you with joy and content. 
Be spontaneous. 
Be fearless.
Have no regrets. None. Nada. 
Savour the moments where you are truly happy doing what you love with the people you love. Those memories might one day be what you need to get you through the darkest of days when you are alone with only the beeping of the machine you are attached to for company.
Make memories.
Take lots of photos.
Film lots of videos.
Don't give a shit about what people think of you. As long as you are kind to others you have no reason to waste your energy and time worrying about anyone who has negative opinions of you.
Get drunk but never complain about having a hangover. Real suffering warrants complaining. One day you'll wish a terrible hangover is all you had.
Never beat yourself up for 'failing' anything. 
Always trust your decisions. 
Sing at the top of your lungs. Dance. Laugh until your stomach hurts/you piss yourself.
You have a good life right now. You're luckier than you realise - remember that, but most of all remember to look after yourself. 
Health is wealth and someday soon your body will make you poor. Until then, run free, walk tall, and enjoy every second of complete freedom.

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